WOCK®  is a professional footwear brand owned by Procalçado S.A.,a Portuguese company that through design and colour has been breaking some dogmas in the typically grey professional footwear market.
Currently, Procalçado S.A. is one of the largest producers of soles and moulded footwear in Europe, with more than 40 years of activity, being its course marked by inseparable company values such as innovation and technological leadership.

​​ This company strategy made ​​possible to achieve an annual turnover of 20M euros in 2012 selling about 6 million pairs of FOREVER® e WOCK® brands throughout the world.


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Rua das Casas Queimadas, nº567
4415-439, Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia,


Phone.: +351 227 470 611
Fax: +351 227 470 616
email: info@wockshoes.com